10 Episodes
  • Can you have it all? How do some women manage to have it all; a loving family, life balance and a successful business? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley debunk the superwoman myth, share the personal events and challenges which shaped their successes and reveal the often-unspoken truth about being business women in the modern world. It’s not a ten-point plan.
  • Business building blocks. The most important and challenging aspects of starting a business are People, Planning and Courage but often we just don’t know what we don’t know. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley talk about what it means to ‘marry well’, train for a positive attitude and how to plan for success.
  • Afraid of getting it wrong? You are going to make mistakes, and that’s ok. Revealing mistakes and failures in all their glory Janine Allis and Margie Hartley explore how trial and error, test and learn, fear and determination are essential for your success.
  • Reputation is key. One thing we know is that our reputation will always enter the room well before we do, and many doors will open and close due to your reputation. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss perception and reality, what it means to have integrity and how to protect your most valuable asset, you.
  • We want it all, our own house, flexibly with work, time with friends, nice holidays, good schools for our kids and the latest smartphone. Can we actually have all this and attain the elusive Life Balance? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss the common struggles of starting a business and how they struggled to create life balance on their own journey.
  • What is stopping us? Never before has business needed to pivot with such rapid speed. You’re being told be agile, innovative and disruptive and if you are not doing all these things you are apparently in trouble. But what do these buzz words actually mean? Laws and legislation cannot keep up with the rate of innovation, industry is struggling, and we are stressing about what changes business needs to make to ensure relevance. Explore with Janine Allis and Margie Hartley who got it wrong, who got it right and what is stopping us from embracing innovation.
  • Not knowing is an art. You cannot know everything. Once you embrace this fact then true learning begins. Janine Allis talks with Margie Hartley about being a woman in her thirties, with no formal business education and how the importance of a curious mind was key to her success.
  • Leaders and teams. The role of a leader is to inspire extraordinary performances from ordinary people but it’s not always easy nor does it always come naturally. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley share insights on the role of high clarity and high energy, avoiding the need to be liked, being decisive, finding your natural style and insights on how to form high preforming teams.
  • What is culture? Vision and values, are they a crock? Culture is a word people throw around, businesses pay hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create it and if we provide massages, birthdays off, a pet in office policy will this do the trick? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley dissect the contribution a clear vision, clearly communicated to your staff has on your culture and the impact of conflicting personalities.
  • Back yourself. Enjoy the journey. Stop and celebrate your successes. Surround yourself with great people. Learn to problem solve. Be kind to yourself and good luck.