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What did the sharks really get up to at the Logies?

What did the sharks really get up to at the Logies?

Part of being on TV is you get some great perks and one was last Sunday going to the Logies. I was thrilled to catch up with Naomi and Steve again for the event and we were all wide-eyed on the red carpet; with Steve being naughty as ever trying to photo bomb all the interviews with the REAL celebrities. It was great to meet people from other shows, including the very strong looking, very square chined Dr. Chris Brown. I made the classic error when meeting a doctor or vet and immediately asked him a dog medical question (my Doberman may be pregnant). He was polite enough to not roll his eyes at me – which I deserved! In fact he was a delight, as were all the other people we met. Julie Goodwin was another lady, who I enjoyed a quick chat with and we discussed challenges with our teenagers, of which there was many…

The red carpet was lots of fun. The Home and Away guys walked down and the crowd went wild; then they saw us and fell silent, lucky we are all in business and have super thick skin.   I think the crowd were trying to work out who we were… Clearly we are not quite that important just yet! We were really lucky to be on the table with the crew from the Panel. Luckily Lehmo has been to a few Logies, and we all pitched in $50 to bet who was going to win what award. I think I came last but it was fun.

What you don’t realise when you see these people on TV is that they are just real people who are having the same challenges that everyone has and working through the same sorts of things that life throws at them. Life in the TV world can be actually quite ruthless and shows can be axed quite quickly, so it is certainly not a secure world.

The highlight for the night for me was actually catching up with my fellow sharks and sharing stories and learning’s from the businesses that we have invested in.


Now on to the businesses..

Will Strange


Love this business! And having four men in my family who do not really care about underwear, I really loved this business as a customer too. Will was an impressive young businessman who was passionate about his business. The business has just started and did not have many sales yet, but the future looked bright, so he had me very excited (or should I say interested in the business). The online space was more Naomi’s gig, so I really was interested in what Naomi was thinking and the questions she asked. At the end of the day though, it’s about growing a brand and making people know that it exists. So I was very very interested UNTIL: He has another business that has his focus and I really, really hate that as both will never reach the heights that they deserve. Split focus never works. BUT I really like Will, and wanted to do a business with Naomi due to her experience in this space. We offered 50% as the business was a massive risk, particularly with his divided focus. Will be interesting to see how the business grows.

Check them out at

Michael Franco and Carl


These were classic ad guys. The idea was fantastic and actually really clever. The coupons were a great add-on that would work. Unfortunately there was a BUT. The challenge I saw was that I couldn’t see people wearing it and there were huge challenges with waste and rubbish. There is no question they would make some sales and I can see some advertisers using it, but not for scale you would need to make it a growing business.

The expenses question was actually a big mistake. I think they believed like my kids that fairies do everything. Unfortunately as businesses grow so does the staff and expenses to grow.

Great creative ad guys and actually really likable but I saw too many issues.

Ryan and Mark

Supreme Incursions

Probably my favourite two boys on the show. Every parent would wish that these boys would teach their children. The good news is that they go to many schools. These two guys are the real deal, who have passion for their business and craft.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with the guys a few weeks after the show to give them some guidance on the future and they were equally delightful during the meeting. One of the great things about being on shark tank is meeting some of these passionate people who are have a go.

These guys are going to be a success. Good luck guys and was lovely to meet you both!!!!!



Yummy product – who said healthy food cannot taste great! (Just like a Boost J) She was on her way with a good quality product, but so very early in the journey. This opportunity was not for me, as I mentioned on the show. What I meant by early is that the dollars required to launch this product, I believed, was immense, and even though I liked the product, it was not far enough along to see if the customers would buy it. I was thrilled John invested. He is very particular with his diet and how he lives, so this product is right up his alley. He will be a great partner for Kate.

Thank you to everyone who entered last weeks competition and congratulations to Erin & Alana who both won Fly Babee sleeping covers.


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