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View of the Good Life from Riley Allis. Age 16.

From day one the goal of us, our human race is ultimately to have a good life. Some may argue that our goal was survival or growth or to reach the moon, but what’s the point, so what, who gives a shit. The fact remains that we survived because we wanted to, if a good life is not the goal then what’s the point, you think electricity would be invented if Mr Edison hated his life, do you think Neil would have taken those great big steps on our moon if he didn’t see how it would be a gateway to a better life for him or us evolved apes.

Everyone seemingly has a different opinion on how to live a good life, the common one is money, and money does improve our standard and give us more freedom, however it is a tangible object which leads most into corruption. Others say fame, supporters and power, the amount of celebrity suicides would disagree with that point. In truth the secret to a good life lies within us and our own capacity to embrace a good life, the recipe is hidden under out noses, want to know?

First and for most is the obvious one, happiness. No matter where you are, what you have been through or what you are doing, when you genuinely smile, in that split second when the muscles in your jaw twitch and turn, the world disappears and it is just you and that moment and nothing else matters. This moment of happiness is one of the only things that can bring the king of the world and a slum dog into the same moment, the other thing being death. The ignorant fuck of the world would claim that it is money or power that brings happiness, the hippies say it is the nature around you and how it influences you. Both of these answers can be right… But nah not really. Happiness comes from within you and although there are outside factors like your health and family, it is ultimately a choice. One choice, here, now. When shit goes down you can feel sorry for yourself or sit down and have a cry or you can say “shit happens, let’s move on”. I’m not saying that you should be happy all the time but when someone says “I wish I was happy, but other people are making me sad” don’t put your self inflicted sadness onto everyone you walk past because the most devastating, infectious and fatal disease is depression, not sadness, sadness is good, it’s healthy but feeling sorry for yourself is a dead end that claims the life of thousands, you can’t have a good life if you want to end it.

End of the day. How do you know what happiness is unless you feel sad sometimes.

Have you ever been lying down by yourself and wanted company, but not just a mate or a stranger, but someone who means something, someone you want to hold and be with. In those moments you have a sense of longing, maybe a tinge of sadness, like a puzzle missing an important piece. What you are longing for is someone to love and be loved by, you feel like if you had this person with you in your arms everything would be okay, doesn’t matter if you were with this person in a luxury room on top of a castle or a trench in the ground, all that matters is that they are there. This brings me onto my next key ingredient of a good life, love. I know it’s an overused and cheesy concept but it is important. Love doesn’t have to be a man wanting to have sexy time with a long term partner, it can be the love of siblings, the love of mates, a parents love of their child or even the love of a pet, no matter how small.

It’s all well and good to love everyone with a constant smile on your face, but the true key to a good life is humour, or more specificity, laughter. Remember the moments when you just couldn’t stop laughing, your face was burning and your chest was buzzing but you couldn’t stop, you couldn’t breath because of how hard you were laughing, in those moments we shut down our thoughts and we are frozen in that moment of pure bliss. When we are happy or in love we still think, we still use this hunk of cells in our skull and thinking is what blocks out the good life. It’s the laughter which blocks out the thoughts and creates the perfect moment for us to be in so why doesn’t everyone just laugh, I have no fucking clue, do you?

Through life experiences we can see so many different perspectives regarding the good life, but it’s not always what we would expect, sometimes it’s hidden from us in plain sight and sometimes we know exactly what it is. Take a breath, think of the people you love and have a good life.

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    May 20, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    Well written Riley ! I totally agree

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