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The Year That Was… 2019

At the beginning of 2019 I would never have imagined the year that I have had. I love that life is like that; exciting and sometimes unpredictable.

Early in the year I said goodbye to my son Oliver who set off on a travelling adventure throughout South America. I am happy to say he has returned recently with amazing stories and memories of experiences that will stay with him forever.

I can totally relate to his adventurous spirit because at the same age I put on my back pack and travelled the world on similar adventures but I’m thankful that he has returned in the best part of one piece.

My eldest son Samuel, was directly affected by the NSW fires. We often see people on the news who are affected by these events and you feel for them as they struggle through things that are often out of their control but having Samuel and his family in danger was another thing all together.  As I write this, he is still out of his home with his wife and children and any day his house may be destroyed, he has a great outlook on life and what really matters is that him and his family are safe.

Fire has quite literally shaped Australia’s landscape and I am in awe of the fire fighters and volunteers who manage the fire season, it amazes me how communities rally together and it makes me so proud to be Australian.

The biggest turning point for me during the year was my Australian Survivor experience. A 50-day detox from all devices and communication from the outside world has left me feeling more grateful than ever for all the things I have and am able to do. It was a forced assessment of what really matters and what I think is important. I had an amazing experience, made some great new friends, scared myself a little… and a lot! And I feel my family is as strong as ever.

During my time away on Survivor there was a federal election, I was surprised to find out that Scott Morrison became Prime Minister. Labour lost a seemingly unlosable election adding to the Trump and Brexit craziness that brings such uncertainty to the world.

But next year shifts us in to a new decade bringing a sense of excitement. Business and life are changing at a rapid pace and I love the challenges and opportunities that this brings.

Artificial intelligence is making a huge impact on what we do and how we live. China is making incredible advancements in technology which will change how the world shops and does business.

With this in mind we need to work hard at managing our use of electronic devices, we need to embrace mindfulness to balance this new fast paced world we live in.

Additionally, we need to make changes for the sake of our environment and the world we are creating for the younger generations. I could list all the things we can do to help but I won’t open up that can of worms! I think overall the best thing we can do is not be ignorant, stay informed and make good choices based on research.

The New Year always brings a fresh start, a time to set new goals, reassess the year that was and dust off what we don’t want to carry with us. Believe in the power of your mind to ensure that you will see things differently, try new things and set new goals. Not all goals will be achieved, not everything will turn out how you planned but trust yourself and always try your best.

Love Life & Merry Christmas!


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