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The Boost Juice Mission is “To become one of the world’s most famous and loved brands”!

How do we work towards this Mission Statement?

We’re known for our great tasting juices and smoothies. We also sell a range of healthy snacks including wraps, fresh yoghurt, muesli bars and soups.

Our VIBE (Very Important Boost Enthusiast) loyalty program offers all members a free smoothie on their birthday, access to exclusive offers, competitions and discounts and also a points-based rewards system. For every full-priced drink purchased the customer accrues a point. Once they collect 10 points their 11th drink is free. Customers need to register their card online in order to receive their offer, which ensures that we are rewarding our frequent customers while giving them and others regular incentives to visit our stores. As of mid June the database consists of 440,000 registered members, we hope to hit 500,000 before the end of the year.

Theme days are part of the Boost Juice brand DNA. With every national campaign the marketing team roll out into stores, we encourage all partners to get involved with a theme day or series of theme days in support of the overarching promotions. Examples include – Angels and Demons (innocent indulgence smoothie campaign), Pilots and Stewardesses (holiday giveaway), and Disney (limited edition Toy Story 3 cups).

In – store, any Boost Juice team member’s motto is to ensure that a customer leaves a store feeling just that little bit better. It could be a great smile or short conversation at the register, referring to the customer by name when announcing that their drink is ready, or a cheery goodbye. Boost standards dictate that the vibe in-store is full of zest and energy.

From a support centre perspective, Boost Juice aims to the best of our abilities to answer any customer queries – positive, negative or general – within one business day.

All team members require appropriate knowledge, understandings, skills and values to grow with the Boost brand. The Boost Juice Training Team is committed to developing a high performing learning culture where team members have the skills, knowledge and motivation to deliver on the values and vision.  We strive for excellence through continuous development of all world class standard training programs, resources and initiatives. Some of these include:

BEN – Our online learning and social media communication platform, where all Boosties gain the fundamental training & induction to Boost as well as post and read blogs from other Boosties across the country.

Boostieships – Our unique nationally recognised traineeship program that has been designed to Generation Y standards and aligned to business objectives.

Boost Academy – This is the chosen career path for all Boosties. Whether Boosties want to become the ideal smoothie machine or future leader, the learning framework is built on key job competencies. Each step of the framework is measured upon completion and standard outcomes and evaluated to progress to the next level.

B Gen – Everyone employed by Boost is part of the B Gen (Boost Generation) thanks to our diligent recruitment processes and values.  We recruit based on the fundamental B Gen attributes; Attitude, Courage, Initiative and Innovation.  We believe these core attributes is what makes up the ideal Boostie, the rest can be taught; we know it’s not just the product that sets us apart from the rest and has our customers coming back time and time again.

Boost Juice commenced its International expansion in 2006 and currently has 12 Master Partner’s operating 54 stores across 14 countries. After reaching saturation point in the domestic marketplace the decision was made to expand internationally to take the brand to the next level.

The International Team is dedicated to building relationships with and providing a support network to Master Partners that will support them in all areas of their operations. This includes; region visits, business development, launch and follow up training, store design and development, in house graphic design, site selection, database of tools, operational support and product development. Olivia Elsley, our General Manager of International, spends a significant amount of time with each country ensuring we are delivering all aspects of support at the highest level to ensure both financial and brand success for ourselves, as well as our Master Partners. Olivia has launched the brand in 11 countries and has worked with all Partners in their region to ensure we maintain a strong level of support and understanding between all parties.

In conjunction with our Master Partners, extensive research and development is continually undertaken to ensure we are adapting our franchisee model and systems to suit the regions we operate in and ensure we are at the forefront of the Juice and Smoothie market worldwide. This includes; concept sites in Australia, new photo shoots for store design and marketing material, as well as adaptation of menus to suit cold as well as hot climates.

Asia has been an area of focus and success during our expansion. We currently have 16 stores in the region with the following stores opening in the last 12 months; 4 in Malaysia, 3 in China and 1 in Singapore with Korea to open in July of this year. We have also developed strong operations in the UK with 10 stores, South Africa with 8 and Chile with 7.

Grown from $106 million in total network sales (12 months rolling to May 2010) to $131 million (23%) and the group EBITDA will show growth from $7.5 mil 08/09 to $10 mil 09/10.

We have been able to achieve sustained growth at the top and bottom line whilst the business also worked through a 12 month due diligence, which resulted in the sale of the majority ownership.

Deloitte undertake all external auditing and can be contacted for verification.

The performance of Boost Juice as an extraordinarily successful Australian private business is well documented. In the above submission for consideration we have not only detailed our business success, but also our unique culture and cutting edge work practices in all key areas of our business.


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    May 29, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Janine…
    I have read whole story about you i am very happy about your idea and success actually i read your story because 3 years before exactly same business i was planning to run this business in UAE but just because of my financial problems I stopped.Now i came to Australia and planning to run a business here …
    Anyhow wish you best of luck to you …

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    July 19, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    I think that what you are trying to do is pretty great and I wish the best of luck to you!!!

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