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This addition focuses on Pets, Children and Green Franchises, which are all interesting topics considering that in business if you can avoid it they say you should never work with animals and children, but these topics are more business orientated for business owners than people realize. The reason for this is that one of the main motivations for people deciding to start their own business is to spend more time and to have greater flexibility with their children (I don’t think the pets got as big a mention!)

Whilst I was working full time, before we started Boost Juice, our first child Samuel was in before and after school care and even though he enjoyed playing with his friends and the local school was good, I was missing out. I was tired when I got home from work, had to then make dinner, make sure he did his homework, tidied his room, etc. etc. etc. There was no time for simply having fun with him and then once we had two more children, it only made things more complicated.

Without question, the main reason for starting my own business was because of my kids. I wanted to have the flexibly to be with them, attend the school sports, etc., but also, I wanted to have strong creative pursuit and do something that I was passionate about.

So when I was on maternity leave, my husband Jeff and I started to look for solutions and one solution was to be my own boss, work from home, have flexibility and do something that I loved. Yes, I achieved this, but let’s not kid ourselves, it is hard work and stressful knowing that you have the family home and everything you have on the line and yes there were days that I could have rocked quietly in the corner, but I knew that would not change a thing! For all the negatives, the positives outweigh them by 10.   I look back at the Janine that started Boost in 2000, thinking that I could do it part time and have flexibility – 80 hours a week later I realized that starting a business and making it work means you have to give it everything. It did, however, give me some flexibility, for example I travelled interstate every couple of weeks and I rotated which child I would take with me which enabled me to have some great one on one time with each child. I also had a toy box in my office so I could take the kids to work with me. But I was particularly lucky that I had my mum who helped me enormously; she would drive 30 minutes (each way) every day to help me with my kids so that I could drive Boost forward. Now I did not realize it at the time because I only have one mum, but talking to other people, this is a fairly unique situation to have this sort of help, not only did I get the help, I achieved this guiltlessly as I was leaving my children with my mum, who is a wonderful loving grandmother. There is no question that having this sort of help has assisted me in being successful, I am no super women and yes I have taken my kids to school in full uniform and there has been no school on (Okay… more than once!), but any person needs strong support around them to be successful, in every way.

At the end of the day when you are looking at starting your own business and if some of the reasons for doing so are to give your life some balance and spend more time with the kids, understand that it may not be the case in the early days. You need to make sure you do have good solid support because whatever time you think it will take you to start your own business times it by 10.

For you to be reading this article in a franchise magazine, you must be ready for a change, remember life is an adventure and there are always going to be obstacles in the way, but there is a solution to everything.

LOVE LIFE! -Janine

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    February 14, 2015 at 1:33 am

    Hi Janine,
    Thank you for writing your wonderful blog about starting up a bussiness.
    I am currently starting up my own business and I am a single mother.This article has really rang true for me, just the inspiration I needed to keep going.Hopefully one day I can stop my cleaning job and have a gym and wellness coaching franchise.But for now its head down bottom up! 🙂
    Thanks again,

    Kate 🙂

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