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Sometimes it just sucks

This month we had our turn at being smashed in the media. It’s unfortunate that I have to defend Boost, a company that prides itself on promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, however we have recently had a number of media outlets report misleading, unjust and unfounded information about our products.

We have a large variety of products available in-store, ranging from low calorie options, such as the small-sized Ginger Tonic with only 60 calories (similar calories to an apple) to our Brekkie To Go Go, our highest calorie product which is high in protein and a great option for an active person or athletes post exercise. Our new Black Label range are a great examples of the abundance of nutrition our smoothies contain with drinks like Red Royal and Pure Eden which are simply blended fruit and veggies with coconut water.

Unfortunately, the media just zoomed in on our highest calorie products, focusing on the amount of total sugar and calories in the drinks.  They didn’t take into account the fact that most ingredients in our drinks contain naturally occurring sugars from the fruit, vegetables or milk products that are used in our drinks. The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) (the national association and peak body of the nutrition and dietetics profession) support the need to limit the food and drinks that have added sugars and provide little nutritional value such as confectionary, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and cordials. At Boost we do not have anything to hide and our nutrition information can be found here.

We take our stance with health and nutrition very seriously, and we are proud to have an in-house nutrition expert who has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Science and Nutrition as well as a Master of Dietetics. She works to ensure that we are continuing to develop our products to be of the highest quality and give our customers nutritious options on our menu to meet everyone’s individual dietary needs.

While there are some respected shows and journalists that I admire a great deal, sometimes the media feeds on scare tactics to hike their ratings, using headlines like: ‘What are they not telling you? Secrets revealed!’. When the media gets it right, they can do a great deal of good, but it gets to me when someone tries to claim that a smoothie full of fruit and nutritious ingredients is more unhealthy than a soft drink full of added sugar and preservatives.

If you simply eat as close to nature as possible and avoid highly processed foods then you will never have to diet again. That is our simple philosophy at Boost.

 I love and I am proud of my products and the business that we have created with the highest integrity, so it breaks my heart when this happens, but that is the price we can pay in business, and you have to once again go into battle to fight for what makes your business great. Thanks for your continued support of Boost!

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