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Joel is a sweetheart.  A really good guy, who has seen a great idea whilst travelling. He has a proven record of running a successful business in landscaping and through this business, he saw the need for a product that could make building retaining and decorative walls easier, quicker and cheaper. He had also patented his product as well as has his trademarks covered.  So Joel was getting big ticks from me.

I also need to be passionate about the product if I am investing and I am someone who loves to renovate having built, developed and renovated property in the past, so, I understand the need for this product, and I have to admit, I can spend hours in Bunnings.  It would come as no surprise to my friends that this product was of interest to me.

The negative was that Joel already had an existing business, and I am a firm believer that if you have a split focus on business then the chance of success is reduced.  However, Joel convinced me that he was committed to making this business work.

People are important to me, and I felt that I could work with Joel. Thrilled he thought the same about me.

Have met with Joel a number of times now and I know he will be a huge success.




Benny is a very very clever individual and evidence of this was in his invention – Bitzong.  The unit was really cute, BUT oh my god- it would have to be the most annoying product I have ever seen! Imagine you are in a deep sleep and you are woken up by a stick hitting you?! You would seriously pick it up and throw it against the wall. Now I am sure that he will probably get heaps of enquiries because it is the perfect gift for someone who you do not like or a practical joke.

I could be totally wrong (have been before) that people would like to be woken up this way.  But for me if I do not believe in it as a customer, I can’t invest as an investor.

Benny will be famous and he will invent something extraordinary, but I am not sure this is the one.


Nit ninjas

Nit Itching

Having four kids, I have dealt with nits for years, in fact my son returned from Africa with monkey lice and to make it worse, he had long dreads, so his little African friends were in heaven in their new home and they were seriously huge.  But with scissors and nit treatment it was solved (and I finally got rid of his dreads, so I guess nits can be an advantage in some instances). I have tried every product that is out there and over the years the products have improved and the ease of use has improved also.

The product was good and easy to use and, as a preventative measure when you know there are nits at school, this is a good solution. But for me, having the product on you all the time, the smell would get to me in a negative way. They also had other treatments, which was just making things more complicated. They were still going through TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) so they were still a long way off commercialising the product. This is quite a complex task and you need clinic trials and other processes to get it to market.

Love that this couple were looking for alternatives to what is in the market. Good idea, but the business was a bit young for me to invest in.


Get kids cooking

Holly and Joanne

I am always thinking that schools should be teaching kids real and useful skills for when they grow up, so I love what Holly and Joanne are trying to achieve. With food-related disease heading towards being the biggest killer in the future, there is a need for the community and for our future generations to learn how to cook good wholesome food.

But their valuation was HUGE!! I teased Steve on his counter-valuation as he has slammed me for the whole season over my deals, and then suddenly he was doing exactly the same!  In fairness to Steve his valuation was actually quite good, the girls’ valuation was just too big, so Steve was trying to do a reasonable deal.

The girls got Glen on the hook which was great.  Congratulations.


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