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The product was a dispenser for a weed killer. It basically worked like a stapler that you clip a leaf with. If I am going to invest in a product or business I need to believe in it as a customer, and I saw a few things would put me off buying it.

First of all, I would think that it would take considerably more time to dispense the weed killer with his unit than with other forms.

Second, his pitch was about using less poison, yet the unit was a dispenser for any product poisonous or not, so I was not sure how he was achieving his goal.

And lastly, if I was using poison and my fingers are only centimetres away that would make me feel pretty uncomfortable.

So, as I wouldn’t buy it, I could not invest.

Omid seemed a very likeable and kind man, but this is a business show, and I had concerns over how long he took to get the product to where it is today. 10 years is a long time to tinker with a product, he also told us he had spent $600K of his personal money, and he was not at market yet. These two things were very concerning for me- his capability of managing money and growing a business.

Good news for Omid was that the boys did not think as I think, and they were very keen on the deal.

Tip: When investing, look at what you are investing as a customer. Would you buy it? You have to believe in a business to invest.



Product was OK.   I would not want my husband to use it as when I ran my hands through his hair, my hand was covered in black ink-type stuff.

The picture was very misleading, there is no way that product could create what was in the picture, and you need to be careful when selling a promise.

The biggest concern was the declining sales and that fact that he was only spending about 15-20% of his time on the business. No business is going to take off without 100% focus and to take money for a product and not be solely focused on this product’s success, is a concern.

He blamed things like lack of marketing, when in fact if the product was great, the product would have increased though word of mouth.

Poor selling product, with only 20% focus. No way is this a business.

Tip: do not invest in a business that the founder in not 100% focused in.



10 Way Necklace

Maria Nicola

Maria was an impressive women. Her pitch went for about 45 minutes and we got to know her background. She was a single mum, juggling motherhood and running this business. I thought the necklace was great for travelling as you do not have to take any other accessories, just simply pack this necklace.

When I mentioned that she was “all in” for me, that meant that there is no other option but to succeed. Every day in business you will have a problem, and it is easy to give up, but when you have everything on the line, this keeps you very motivated.

Naomi won this battle. I wish them every success…….


Hit with me

Sam Begg

Love this business model and idea. For the corporate traveller who often travels on their own and struggles to keep up their fitness, this is a great concept for them, as they get to meet people and also have a hit of tennis with someone at a similar skill level as them.

I have also seen another concept similar to this that was about surfing. The world is getting smaller with technology and these type of business are a great way to connect with people with similar interests.

Sam had great energy and was very very smiley.

Glen will make a great partner for Sam. Well done Sam and congrats.



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  • Reply
    Dianne Turner
    June 22, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Janine from watching this show a couple years now, I am beginning to understand from all sharks’ comments that I have a lot to learn about business. I think I am savvy enough to run a business, but I am too genuine and naive to make big business. The 10-way necklace has been a design I have had in mind for several years now but had not got to market yet. I would prefer my designs to be wholly Australian resourced and manufactured in Australia. I am happy to sell online.
    From tonights show, I feel you made the right choices as echoed by your comments. One day maybe I could be ready for the Shark Tank, but now I know my idea is not unique, I will spend my creativity on other design features.
    Thanks for an entertaining evening,
    Di of Di’z Dezinez(website not ready yet)

  • Reply
    June 23, 2016 at 3:02 am

    good blog.
    With the weed wand it’s cute but if you have to go click each weed I’d just pull them out and be done with it. Maybe good for older or weaker people. Also this thing owes this guy 600k plus any new investment so with the way this guy works it looks like the business would be down a mil before any sales really started to come back. Would take a while to get back in the black. If it does.

    The hair paint. Why go into something other people are doing better already. The competitors are already there and putting the effort in.

    The magnet necklace.. You seem sold on the inventor and you handled the product so maybe it comes across better in person. Jewlery is a crowded place and there is some innovation here but I think it just won’t move at that price point. I don’t see anyone paying more than $29.95 for this. It’s for girls and younger teenagers, they are price sensitive. I thought it was sweet and trinkety. I couldn’t stop myself playing with the magnets if my partner was wearing it.
    My partner said it was tacky and awful. I thought that was a bit harsh.
    I think you might sell max 30000 units in Australia if they owe you $10 per unit all costs included you’re ahead. Push the sales really hard for 18 months and sell the business and walk off into the sunset, job done.

    Hit with me is good. It feels a bit sleezy and I wanted a few features that weren’t there. I’m not on tinder but this made me feel like I was.
    I would not have released it yet it needs a lot more development. But the concept has lots of merit and I can see advertisers lapping it up. As they could sharp shoot their products to target the audience specifically . Media buyers love that .
    Clubs would love it they could use it to schedule if it’s done right.
    The app needs to be for any sport or hobby and be more location based. Say I wanna play chess or pool at the pub. Or go rock climbing or invite locals to a soccer game in the park. Basically anything I might like to throw open an invite to. I love the idea of coaches signing on. Would be great to get home from work and see if anyone wants $50 to give me 30mins of tips on my golf swing.
    I would use this app everyday if I could log on and be playing touch football in 20mins.
    There is a lot of application for this if it’s done right. I love digital businesses there is money in them when the scale is right and the user expireance is on point. Not much point in paying developers to drink coffee and Facebook till the thing is finished.

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    June 14, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    We’re watching a repeat of this program. As someone who’s been chemically poisoned and cannot be closed to chemicals, I am very interested in the Intellweed. It would be great if it was prefilled. We have a constant problem with weeds in potplants, and this type of poison applicator would be perfect. A Google search has failed to bring any further information about this device. What’s happened with it? Is it for sale anywhere yet?

  • Reply
    June 15, 2017 at 12:23 am

    Hi janine
    I was really excited about the hairluxe product and thought youll all would give it a go . Until ihe said it was just one part of his various business ventures.
    Even you saying about the black inky stuff on hands .. makes sense why market share was diving..
    Could see a better overall picture with that comment


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