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In this episode we get to meet people in the business of creating branded games for companies that are looking to add some fun to their online presence, Uber for car washing, Steve who is going to get into trouble from all the women out there for something he says…… and someone who needs to take accountability for not only her life but her business..

So let’s get started!


Jonny and Tony specialise in branded, personalised digital games which they develop on behalf of companies to increase engagement. This was not news for me as we have been doing this type of marketing for years at Boost Juice with Free the Fruit (the initial game) and Find the fruit (which was launched this year).

The theory is that the customers can win free products and prizes and have fun doing so, which will make them feel great about your brand as well as adding a fun element to the brand at the same time.

Jonny was the sales man, but it was Tony’s passion and love for his business that made it successful. Interesting to see that John was about the deal and success for him was walking away with a deal. For Tony, success was walking away with the right deal.

Tony said no in the end and it was the right decision for him. Growing a business is hard and if you are passionate about what you do and if you do not find yourself saying ‘f#$ck yeah I want this deal!’, then it is clearly a NO.

Good luck guys.


Tania was a really nice lady, but I did not think her product was different to other cushions that I have seen on the market. Saying that, you cannot deny her sales in the first and second year.

It was interesting that in year three and four the sales went backwards.. Her reasoning was that she was burnt out and suffering exhaustion. Which is fine to admit as we all feel this way sometimes. But if you are asking for money, how does the investor know that you will not once again feel burnt out and exhausted and not produce the work required to grow your business?

There are two types of people in business. These are those with a VERB attitude and the ones that SOAR. At different times in our lives we can move from one to another which is completely fine and understandable, but for me Tania was in the VERB part of her life. Which is not someone you want to invest in.

For those who are unfamiliar with these terms are:


V – Victim: (she said) “I have a small child and it was all too much, working that hard”

E – Entitled: “my business is fantastic, therefore I am entitled to the valuation”

R -Rescue (me): “it was all too much for me when sales went south, help me”

B – Blame (someone else): “It was not my fault, I had a child and it was all too much”.

Whilst Tania is in this mode, she will not succeed.  Naomi and I have both raised multiple children while working and we just got on with it, in fact we in the SOAR category:


S – Solution oriented: “I have little children, how do I set myself up for success? What kind of support can I organise to help me succeed?”

O – Ownership: “if I am to be successful, I will take ownership of all that needs to be done”

A – Accountability: “if it goes wrong or right, it is all my fault and by taking accountability, I can fix any problem”

R – Responsibility: “If it is to be, it is up to me”.  Sometimes we do not realise the power of thought and words and you have to start first with this.

Now I know that Steve is going to get slammed for his comments about women, and he is NOT anti-women or is he a chauvinist, (he has 3 daughters!) he is simply stating what he has experienced. I do not agree with him, as you do not necessarily need to be aggressive to get what you want. I believe that what he meant was that we need to ensure we make it clear that we have the drive to make things happen and Tania did not show this in the pitch.  He is a funny guy and I know what he likes and does not like. I learnt something new about Steve in this episode and that was that he does not like cushions.

Wishing Tania and Naomi all the best.


Uber for car washing. One day you will really not need to leave your home for anything. I feel guilty going through a car wash, this takes it to a whole new level! I am not sure if this was for me..

Harrison is all in, including selling the spa and the dirt bike to make it happen. That is commitment. And that is one of the most important things.

Training people to be faster at washing the cars and incentivising them depending on the cars they get through is great – I just hope that the quality is maintained in the speedy service. Also a team of only 18 people in the business is not enough to ensure 15 min turn around times, he would need thousands of people to make this business work.

Steve is clearly not a fan of outsourcing any tech.

Harrison needs to clarify his valuations before any investors are going to consider taking this on. This one was not for me.

(Luckily I have 2 sons still at home that need to earn their keep – and my car is in need of a wash…..) 🙂


Yep, you are right – it is a spoon.

Even though it was a good idea, I could not get excited about a spoon or scoop. The problem they are solving is not really a problem. I cannot believe there was 80 prototypes.

I was very shocked that Andrew and Steve did the deal, and I am happy for them as the business has awesome margins. (love that Steve invested when he did not know there were stores that sold protein)…(again, thanks to my sons, I know this)

Good luck guys, they are great partners.

This was a first for the tank….it was a no and then a yes.. great news for them.

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