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This week it is all about appealing to people’s indulgences, from the finest chocolate and vibrating underpants to a healthy vodka and an environmentally friendly solution for winter clothes drying. One of the contestants even got me standing on my head and doing some other moves that I never envisioned that I would be doing on Shark Tank.. Oh and Steve cracks it again – this time at Naomi!



If you follow my blog or social media posts you will know that I am a massive fan of yoga and it really has helped to change my life. I study the traditional Indian path of Ashtanga yoga, so I am not a massive fan of Bikram or Hot yoga, beer yoga, doggie yoga (yes it is a thing) or even naked yoga, which I believe should be banned as there are poses that just never should be done naked..

So to say that I was skeptical of this pitch was an understatement.. The technology is woven into the material and connects to your smartphone. The sensors in the legs conduct vibrational communication to alert you when you are not doing the move correctly when you are practising without the aid of a teacher.

As you saw I was able to try out the product and I love that she is having a go, but the tech concept for me does not work, as yoga is much more than a vibration on the leg to tell you that you are not doing it properly.  What I did like was her other concept which was taking sexting to a whole new level.  This was vibrating undies that people in long distance relationships can control each other’s ‘pleasure’ with the click of a button..(hmm.. not a good choice of words)

Billie is an extremely impressive woman who has a great vision for her business.  I am not surprised that she was recognised as the most important person in tech under 30 by Fast Company – and last year as a company they were nominated as one of the most innovative companies in fitness.

Steve was not convinced about the technology and he knows this space so that was interesting. The information and what he was talking about was way above my paygrade.

Her valuation was extraordinary considering they are still in the early stages of the business. But what I did love was her vision and her commitment to that vision as it would not have been a cheap and easy road to get to where she is with the business.

I wish her luck, but I think I am too much of a traditionalist for this to be a business for me.

There is a number of businesses in the rag trade that are fascinating and just when you thought that you could not think of another way of doing clothing or that there was no way tech is ever going to intercept it, you just had to watch shark tank to see different way of doing underwear, solution to tall clothing and customise t-shirts.  This is what I love about shark tank is all the different business that we get to see.

I hope to see them in Lululemon and Nike sometime.


When I said, this was better than sex. It was.. (No offense to my husband of course though I am sure he does not read my blogs and with a bit of luck he would not have watched the show). J

Arno is a lovely man who has true passion for chocolate.  His product is some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted. He is a certified chocolate master who was amazing at what he does.

He undersells himself. He has won many, many awards for is chocolate making and is a man who just wants to do what he loves which is to make chocolate. What could be better than that!?

He has two lounges selling his creations in Melbourne and teaches chocolate making classes to share his knowledge with other chocolate lovers.  He is a true professional in the brown stuff.

Arno wants the help with the business and is prepared to part with a large portion of it to do so. This is true passion and like I always say, unwavering passion is required for growing a business.

I am thrilled to be working with Arno to really get this business going.



(no website available yet)

A brolly for your clothesline including a heater and is better for the environment than using dryers – what’s not to like!? I was wondering whether the clothes would stay dry as they never seem to dry as well in cold weather but she had a solution with the heater.

The clothesline brolly was a great idea and she was so likable.  But this business was not for me.

I do hope to hear that Bunnings has taken her on. Best of luck to Liana.


I really enjoyed the Vodka plus pitch, the boys Dave and Marco were a lot of fun and did not take themselves too seriously. They said that Vodka Plus is a global drink for the health conscious.  Now I am not sure if someone who is really health conscious would be drinking vodka or any alcohol for that matter but that is a conversation for another day.

They were smart to give the sharks some samples to try. With a little alcohol (or in Steve’s case a lot) you are probably more likely to get a deal.

They showed great tenacity when they told us that they were prepared to go from bottle shop to bottle shop to get their products in the market place.  That is what we love to see. They clearly have already been doing this as they are in lots of shops already.

There is currently a massive shift away from sugar, claiming that it is the new heroin. Personally, give me sugar any day over anything that the artificial world is claiming to be better for you but is actually very far from being actual food. One thing I have noticed is that there is a number of businesses that are starting to use Stevia. Stevia is a product that claims to be natural and tricks the mind into thinking that it is eating something sweet. I do not know if it is good or bad, what I do know is that I do not like the after taste of sweeteners and for me I know that people always purchase on taste first, not on sugar or other decisions.

As I mentioned on the show; if you can do well in the alcohol business, the upside is huge but it is a tough journey to get there. (Especially if you drink as much as Steve did during the episode. (Only joking Steve) 🙂

Well done to the guys for the pitch and the business.  I wish them luck.

Tip for this week: don’t be better, be different.

See you next week for a utensil that will appeal to protein enthusiasts, some beautiful home wears, and an awesome app to assist businesses with games for marketing. (Note: Boost did it first 🙂 )

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