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SHARK TANK S4 E13 – finale

First I would like to thank all the people who have come to the blog to read my thoughts about the business that we have met with during this season of Shark Tank.

Thanks to all the people who have stepped onto the red mat to pitch their businesses to us. I admire your courage to have an idea and start a business and then to stand in front of all of us and lot of cameras to tell Australia about your dream.

I hope all the businesses learnt something from one or all of us sharks, as I know I have learnt something from each and every person that comes into the tank.

Finally, thank you to my fellow sharks and the crew on Shark Tank, we have been doing this now for four years and I am thrilled to call each of them my friend. We may squabble like siblings, but we have a deep respect for each other on what we have achieved and the people they are.

Now onto the (mostly hipster) businesses that were featured on final episode of Shark Tank for this year:


I love that Edwina is a country girl who has turned her passion it into a business and is sharing her knowledge using this one stop shop for all birthing and pregnancy information. It doesn’t matter how many babies you have had, there is so much information everywhere it’s hard to work out what is endorsed by professionals & meanwhile everyone you walk past wants to give you their opinion too.

Authenticity in business wins every time so Edwina had me hooked from the start of her pitch and the information that she is sharing with people that cannot get to their local health nurse or even a mothers group is invaluable.

I must admit that mothers groups were never my thing. But I am aware of the importance of not only the information you learn from your health centre but the sense of community that mothers feel when they are among others on the same journey.

I was very interested in the fact that Edwina has created this business with the goal of supporting parents to be in regional areas, as the information is important but even more so is the connection to community and the feeling that you are not alone when something out of the ordinary occurs.

There is something in the water at Retail Zoo at the moment because every week we hear about another baby being on the way. Being able to learn from people on the same path at the same time is important and offers support, even though every experience is different.

I liked that she has a plan for the subscription model for her business. Her business will grow as the children do. This is a very clever. Also as corporate wellness a HUGE focus for many companies at the moment, I think it is a fantastic time to be working with HCF and the program will hopefully break the stigma sometimes attached to maternity leave while ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ for some people.

I look forward to working with Edwina and seeing where we can take her business.


I loved the disguises these guys had on but as a Melbourne coffee lover.. even though I was not wearing my glasses.. I could tell they were imposters..

Like Glenn said, I would pay anything for a good coffee.. However I am interested in the ecofriendly mission they are on.

Australians are said to go through 3 million coffee pods per day. What I have learnt through our research in finding a replacement for plastic straws is that it is fine to be producing environmentally friendly single use items but what they need to be able to follow through on their sustainable claims is the correct recycling channels. This includes the user putting the product in the right bin and the councils providing the means to carry out the recycling process. Otherwise they are just like all the other items on the market (except usually more expensive)

Like I said, they are entering an over-crowded market. It was nice however I don’t know that it was different to other pods on the market.

Their numbers did seem a little blue sky.

These guys are not different.. so it was not an investment for me. I think I will stick to my Melbourne hipster cafés for now.


Anyone who has social media would agree with Phoebe and Charity when they said that the sustainable camping market is getting bigger and bigger with people seeing the value of getting back to nature and taking their families camping or glamping as a change from hotels and resorts.

Glenn was right when he said that they need to focus on the tents which they said are the biggest sellers.

I am still not sure that these canvas tents are different to anything else out there. They did not convince me.

Being instagrammable is not a point of difference.

This was not a business for me. I wish them well and hope that I am wrong and the social posts result in as many sales as they are hoping it will.


These guys have created a banking solution designed for millennials.

I am always interested in innovation and people being creative enough to come up with things that have not been done before. I agree with the guys when they said that the banking industry needs a shake-up. The fact that they are selling to university students and already have so many millennials signed up is fantastic.

Using algorithms to market to people is obviously a clever way to get to the tech generation and the guys have done a lot of research in the target market – they are in the perfect position as they are marketing to their peers.

The numbers were astronomical. I don’t think I have ever seen Steve or Glenn so excited about anything.

Like I said it was way above my level of tech knowledge. I am sure my sons will think I am crazy for not doing this deal but I wish the guys well and I hope they can teach Steve and Naomi to work together!

Hope you enjoyed this years season of Shark Tank. Hope to see you and a whole new bunch of entrepreneurs in the tank again for season 5!

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