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This week we see someone who sees the health of family pets as important as us humans, something that tired campers are going to love and some protection for little twinkle toes at the beach.


Anyone that follows my Instagram knows that I love dogs. We have 3.

Diana’s vision and her current business is fantastic. With no marketing and 2200 customers, she is doing really well. The ingredients are raw freeze dried using free range ingredients, organic fruits and vegetables and can be consumed by humans (but hopefully aren’t – just in case) 🙂

This dog food is likely triple the cost to feed a dog each day however this range is appealing to people that don’t have the time to do it themselves but want the best for their furry family members.

I was not aware that $2.2B is spent on dog food by dog owners each year.. People care more about their pets than ever. A dog nutritionist might sound crazy to some people but I must admit that I do not agree with Steve that people buy the lowest cost product. People are more informed than ever before and they just do not believe in feeding their pets food that is packed with salt and other nasties.

This valuation was out of this world.

Like I said, Diana was pitching as if she already had the manufacturing model sorted and she doesn’t. She won’t know this until she really gets into the nuts and bolts of the business.

But I will be a customer as I am an advocate for healthy living – and love that people are creating products that are as healthy for their pets as they are for humans.

I hope to see Frontier Pets doing really well in the future and I hope that even more people treat their pets like family members, looking after their health they way they look after their own.


These are silicone patches that do their magic while you sleep, firming up your… wrinkly bits…. Almost instantly. And making you look years younger when you wake.  The product stimulates blood flow to the area which apparently reduces the ‘signs of ageing’. If only I had the discipline to stick one on my face and décolletage every night… 🙂

Gabrielle is onto something. If there is something I have learnt as I get older it is that anyone will pay anything that claims they can look younger ‘overnight’. If this is true for Wrinkles Schminkles, then the product is set to be very successful. It is just a matter of marketing to the people who want (need) it and finding out how to attract return purchases.

The stagnation in sales was disappointing – but maybe they are just solving peoples wrinkle issues..?

Gabrielle needs to do some market research with her customers to investigate what is stopping them returning. Is it the price or the results? Once she determines this she will be able to offer discounts to those that have not returned or look at her recipe to sort out what is not working if that is the issue.


Hex Pegs are camping pegs which save campers from hammering the tent pegs into the ground each time they set up camp.

I am not a camper but it seems like an awesome solution to a very hard job at the end of the day when the last thing you feel like doing is smashing pegs into hard soil. And then removing them in the morning (after a terrible night’s sleep?) .

Damian needs the support of someone who knows and loves the camping industry. Getting the name out among people who are bush bashing every weekend will be game changing for Hex Pegs and I hope that the deal with Glenn means that Hex Pegs become a house hold (or ‘tent hold’) name.


My family is growing like weeds and all the babies LOVE the beach so I will definitely be a customer and these might make up a number of my Christmas presents this year!

The sharks were discussing the fact that there may not be any difference between these and any other beach shoes on the market. What is their point of difference? They are well made and the patterns are nice but other than that the sharks may be right..

In one of the previous episodes this season, someone was looking to expand overseas without really having mastered the Australian market. I understand that it is appealing to want to get into overseas markets but as a relatively young business, you want to make sure that you ‘make all your (mistakes) learnings close to home, making sure that you take only the finished, fool proof product to the masses. Because you only get one shot at the world and if you fail with the first product, you may never get another chance’.

I hope to see them back in the tank next year – if so I will stay true to my promise and invest 🙂

Next week on the season 4 finale, we see a sustainable solution for everyone’s favourite morning coffee pod fix, another accessory for campers and a very high-tech millennial focused payment option.

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