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This was a great bunch of businesses from food to clean-up crews, it was a diverse and amazing bunch of people who were having a real go….. I love this group of business for many different reasons.

So here is the breakdown…


Heather Day was a contestant on MasterChef and I must admit that I love the show.  From her experience on MasterChef It was no surprise that the butter was yum, and for someone who is not the greatest cook, I could see how this butter could help me with my very bland dishes. Heather had already managed to get the product into some Foodland’s but none of the really big players.

She had a small operation that could produce 800 portions, which is very small and not what an investor wants to hear.  They want to hear that you have a manufacturer ready so that you can create the exact same product but on a mass scale.  Heather at this stage, did not have the answers that I needed to give me hope that she could grow.

You need to be brave and a bit mad in business to create a fast growing business.  This may explain why I succeeded (the mad bit).


Having teenage boys, I could see how this could be a great business.  Basically you throw the party and these guys come in and clean up.  For those naughty kids that have parties whilst their parents aren’t home, this could be perfect for them.

I loved the idea, but I could not see it scaling.  Some businesses are better as a smaller business.


This was pretty simple, it is pure coconut oil with mint flavouring. I am very familiar with this product as it is from an Ayurvedic system called ‘oil pulling’, you basically swish the coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. This system actually works really well and I am a fan, for anyone who has done this your mouth feels amazing and it also whitens your teeth. BUT, I cannot imagine many children that would have the patience do ‘oil pulling’ as it means the children have to have the coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes to be effective…. I cannot see how this could become commercial.



I have looked at the business model for meditation studios in the past and it is just too hard.  Not enough people are interested and there are too many other yoga studios that do it as a side business.. This was a business not for me.


Jasmine is a dynamic young women who is extremely passionate and with the help with Andy, they had created a great business. She was really fortunate that her friend gave her 10K to get started.  I back people more than businesses and she was very bankable. They do say though you can know too much and for franchising I do. Jasmine was passionate about her business hence why she has an incredibly high retention rate, one that I have never heard of before in any fitness industry.

BUT (and unfortunately there is always a ‘but’), for Jasmine to grow she needs to clone herself and unfortunately she is one of a kind. She also needs skilled teams to run her business. If staff leave her it is not easy to find another pole dancer to come in and teach.

I was thrilled that after the show she came into the office for some mentoring.  She is a dynamite and will be a success. I look forward to helping Jasmine and Andy in the future.


OK.. Has this guy not heard of the KISS principle? You only get 3 minutes to pitch your idea and we were 5 minutes in and I still had no idea what the business was. His comment that his business would help female fishermen was bizarre, as I am sure that fishing is not gender specific.

I could never in a million years work with him, as I would be far too confused.


Wow, Kane had all the answers. But I was never a fan of capsulated coffee as it is shocking for the environment.

John Sylvan, the inventor of capsulated coffee in a candid interview in 2015 with The Atlantic said he now refuses to use the capsules himself. Reflecting on the environmental impact of the millions of pods being tossed into landfill each year, Mr Sylvan said he regretted his invention.

“No matter what they say about recycling, those things will never be recyclable,” he said. “The plastic is a specialised plastic made of four different layers.”

That was in 2015, and Kane said he now has a product that is actually recyclable, which was great to hear (and even better if he can prove it).  But at the end of the day, no matter how much I like the idea I could not invest because I am an investor in Cibo coffee and due to contractual obligations, I was not able to participate in the deal… Bugger..


Thanks for supporting the show, and see you next week !!!


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    Lee Green
    July 4, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    Great wrap up! Such a variety tonight Would live to meet to try a Cibo expresso! Cheers Lee.

  • Reply
    Kim Roche
    July 6, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I love your comment “some businesses are better if they remain small”. As an accountant I come across some great business people & some not so great who would have been better to remain employed. If your business isn’t scalable that’s fine you just want to ensure there will be a value if and when you want to sell the business. Love the show BTW.

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