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Shark Tank: Episode TWO – Really, she is wearing that top again ??

Life after episode one: I have to admit it was a bit surreal seeing myself as one of the Sharks. My normal reality is, very little to no makeup, hair mostly in a bun or pony tail and in my yoga gear. So, to see the result of being in the make-up chair for 2 hours was quite funny. The clothes I wore during the show were another learning curve for me. Shine, the production house told me that we need to wear the same clothes for the entire filming so they can mix and match the pitches so that each show has a great balance. As you can imagine, the pressure was huge to get the outfit right, particularly for me as I am not that fashion forward. I am very familiar with Lululemon and Lorna Jane but, really did not know where to go to get the outfit!

Lucky for me, the production house had Leigh the stylist, who took me shopping to find the perfect outfit. I was introduced to some amazing brands like Willow, Dion Lee, By Johnny, Scanlan and Theodore, just to name a few. We decided on a beautiful top by Dion Lee and bottoms and shoes by Hugo boss. The Dion Lee top was a life saver as the amount of wires and microphone that go under those tops was extraordinary, so the fact that it had lots of opening saved me from having the audio guy’s hands too far up my top! Thank goodness I have given birth to four children so I am well past being prudish.

I thought I would be bored of the outfit after day one, but it is a bit like a school uniform; it is nice to know what you are wearing every day… So, please; when you see me in the same outfit every show, you know why.   A big thanks to Dion Lee for his amazing top. I am now a huge fan, please feel free to sponsor me, please…

Now enough about clothes and onto more exciting things like the pitches. Below are the amazing, and just maybe not so amazing pitches that we had on episode two!

The Edible Bug Shop

Seeking $170k for 20% Stake
Investor: Janine – $170k for 50%

Skye is absolutely one of the nicest people you will meet. She is full of information regarding insects and is passionate about her product and industry. She already has cornered the market in her field and is a supplier to the top restaurants in Australia. At Boost, we had already researched this product and were looking at creating some protein balls using cricket powder, as we were aware of the health and the environmental benefits of this product. So, seeing the Edible Bug Store was not a shock, in fact I was quite excited! The other Sharks found it more confronting, particularly John who is very, very (did I say very) particular in everything he does. For him, the thought of eating bugs was not an option. (I think he would rather stick needles in his eyes than eat a cricket.

I was thrilled to get the deal and I am enjoying working with Skye to help make her business robust.

Here are some interesting links


Seeking $150k for 10%
Investor: None

This product was right out of my comfort zone and knowledge base. He spoke a great deal about what it may be able to do, but once we drilled down, or should I say more acutely Steve Baxter drilled down, as he was the only one that had a clue in this industry, we soon discovered that currently the product did not do all the great things that he said it would do. John made a comment that was cut and I agreed with him, which was that it was not sexy to look at, if you looked closely you could see the wires and it looked very prototype. The guy was nice and clever to get it this far, but it was un investable, in my opinion.



Seeking $150k for 10%
Investor: Steve – $76k for 30% plus 5% royalty on sales

What an amazing woman to get a product to prototype stage. She presented very well and I think Steve should do very well with this product. For me, I just did not think that the doctors would convert from a 2 cent product to her product.


Bento Pets

Seeking $200k for 10%
Investor: None

I have never laughed so much than with this pitch! She told us that the food was human grade, which prompted Naomi to go and eat some of the dog food – much to my horror! When Naomi sat down, the lovely lady from Bento Pets then told us she would not recommend human’s eating it. Naomi’s face after this discovery was priceless! I love dogs and my beautiful Doberman Gracie comes into the office with me and is very loved. But I also think dogs are dogs and to have a healthy relationship with your dog, they need to know you are the pack leader, so I do not believe in dogs being children, even though I respect her view on this. All I can think of when she brought the dogs in a Bugaboo pram was how expensive that pram was to have a dog in it. By the time she told us all her numbers, I was totally confused. She was a very quirky lady, but it was not a business that I would invest in.


Seeking $300k for 51%
Investor: None – But hopefully John has a contact

These boys were the salt of the earth. Two men having a crack. The idea was amazing, but very early. When my husband Jeff saw this product, he was very excited as he has a farm and said that it would be amazing on the farm and would save his back. Hopefully with John’s contract in the industry the product will go from a prototype to being created for commercial use.



I had a ball with these pitches, and really respect all of the people who pitched to us for their ability to take an idea and make it a reality.


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