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In a time of feeling powerless, take back the power.

In a time when we have never felt more powerless there are so many things we can do to be powerful.

I see COVID-19 as an enemy that we need to overcome and together, we will overcome it.

We do not need to feel powerless, there is so much we can do to get through this and the main thing is to be pro-active.

Here are some of things I am doing and what I am observing.


With so much negatively and fear around us I have noticed that there is a new level of appreciation.  Friends and family are calling more and leaving the conversation with “I love you”. Now is the time to reach out to all our loved ones and friends all over the world, we are in this together.

When competing on Survivor and things were taken away from me I felt a heightened appreciation of everything around me. I can feel this is happening now on a larger scale.


It is easy to criticise the Government on what they are doing (right or wrong) and in some respects no matter what they do they are not going to please all the people all the time.  My view is that they are being advised by leaders in their field and have the benefit of seeing what other countries have experienced who are ahead of us in this fight and we can learn from them. They are in the best position to make the calls and I believe the best course of action is to follow their advice even if it has an adverse effect on my business and my freedom.

We also need to support the people around us. The supermarkets will not close so we need to not be selfish and take, take, take and not care for other people. We are not a third world country, there is enough for everyone and this attitude of hoarding is against what Australia was built on which is mateship. Be kind.

Let’s support the most vulnerable in our society and make sure that they come first in everything we do and say.


If ever you should be looking after your heath, now is the time. We have an enemy and that enemy wins if your immune system is down.

Here are some actions that I am taking to keep my internal army as tough as possible.

·      Drink 2 litres of water a day

·      Vitamin supplements: C, D, Iron, C60, Pro Biotics

·      Foods: Eating as close to nature as possible, cutting out all highly processed foods and eating lots of fresh fruit, vegies and fresh juices.

·      Exercise: I do a minimum of one hour a day exercise, whether that be walking, yoga or swimming, anything to move.

·      Emotion: I am sure we are all running the roller coaster of “it will be OK”, “oh no, we are in trouble”, “no we will be fine”.

You may be feeling tight in the chest or stomach. The answer is breath work (google: box breathing) get online and do a meditation session or even a yoga session. The important thing is to get your emotions and stress levels in check.

·      I have stopped drinking alcohol

·      I do not smoke and I know it is addictive and hard to give up but if there is ever a time to stop smoking, now is the time.


The Good

There will be good that comes from adversity.

You may not feel it now but there will be positives coming from this.  China gets to see a blue sky, Venice canals have fish returning, we are closer to our loved ones than ever before.  This virus, from what I understand, came from the Live Wet Markets in China. I believe this is one of the cruellest ways of treating animals – maybe there is also a message in that and maybe we can become kinder to all creatures.


Even in this time, find joy and gratitude in the day, whatever that may be for you.

When I was on Survivor and there were many miserable times, I made sure every day I found joy somewhere (I have to admit some days it was hard).  It is your mindset that changes and if your mindset is positive and strong you will be positive and strong.

There is no question unemployment and stress will increase but know that it will be short lived and all going well this time next year we will be in recovery mode and hopefully there will be more opportunity around than you ever thought possible.

I wish everyone reading this the best of luck through this time, we will come through this better and stronger.



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  • Reply
    Alistair Baird
    March 23, 2020 at 10:11 am

    Hi Janine,

    Ive bumped into you a couple of times whilst we are holidaying in Queensland. Surfing, swimming, walking and enjoying our time with friends have us feeling positive. We will be in lock down when we get home but we will look at that like another holiday. We will all get through this and look back at it as a very interesting time. Stay safe. Ali

  • Reply
    Barry Fletcher
    March 25, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    A very positive message Janine. What we need in these uncertain times. I am in my 70s and as a young boy had a touch of polio and thankfully around that time they developed a vaccine. Will be praying for the same outcome now. Am sure the most brilliant minds worldwide will be working on this. Keep up your positive messages. You have earnt the respect to deliver them.

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