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If I was 22 – Why common sense is your best-friend

When we are in our 20’s, we make heaps of mistakes. The object of youth is to have fun and live freely, to experiment with who you are and discover the world around you and work out how you fit in. We truly think we have most of the answers, but haven’t yet figured out that we are only just beginning.

Scientists say that the male brain is not fully developed until 27, so it seems to me that we need to hire more young women in senior roles, as a woman’s brain is emotionally developed at 22. But whatever age or sex you are, it is about the choices you make. If we make more good choices than bad, and if luck is on our side most of the time, then you get to have a look back at your past and smile, shiver and laugh at the foolishness of growing up and the fun and freedom that we have on this journey called LIFE.

My 20′s were about self-discovery and having as much fun and adventure that I could fit in. I was a traveller and the urge to see the world and discover all that it had to offer was simply too great a calling for me.

Looking back now at that time, there were lessons I learnt without even noticing. The predicaments that a young, naive Aussie girl gets herself into whilst travelling on her own can be quite harrowing and, at times, life threatening, so good old common sense and problem solving were a big lesson I had to learn. During my travels I also worked on a fide rock star’s super yacht, which was owned by David Bowie. We worked 18-hour days, and during the summer months, I was lucky to get a day off a month. This work ethic put me in good stead for when I started Boost Juice.

When I was just starting out, I often over thought things and assumed that starting a business would be more complicated than it actually is. So the advice I would give myself starting out in the working world is to keep everything simple. Common sense is your best friend. Stay with the problem until you solve it, and you will solve it.

I started my business in my early 30’s, so I got the travel bug out of my system and was ready mentally to give everything to a new venture, even though I was also starting a family, having just given birth to my third child (but that is another story for another time).

The advice I give any young person starting out is that you have to do whatever it takes to live your dreams and if you are passionate about what you are doing, then it will not feel like work. Choose great people to surround yourself with; this makes you feel good about yourself. Don’t let anyone treat you poorly and always treat people how you would love to be treated. It is not OK for people to treat you badly.

You are going to make mistakes, that is one thing that is guaranteed, but you have to make sure that those mistakes do not hurt or harm you or anyone else. I was lucky; there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or mobile phones that could take photos, so most of my mistakes are hidden deep in my own personal memory bank. These days, there is nowhere to hide. If you do something stupid now, it can easily come back at you crystal clear in living colour.

In business you need to be courageous. Don’t be that person who was too afraid to jump off the entrepreneurial cliff and start that business. At the very least, start learning about the type of business you want to work in. Don’t take money from your parents because spending money you have earned is so much sweeter. But most importantly, know that there is nothing you cannot do or have in your life. It is yours for the taking. Just think it, say it and then make it happen.

I could go further into advice on knowing your numbers and hiring slowly and firing quickly, but I think if you take nothing else out of this article, it is that you need to have the attitude to succeed. I break down winners and losers into two categories. The VERBS and the ones who SOAR. How you think and how you react to situations will dictate how you succeed in life… So do not be a VERB:

V – Victim
E – Entitled
R – Rescue
B – Blame

We all know people who are VERBS and we also know how their work and personal lives are going. But the people who SOAR are the leaders, the innovators and the people we admire, who we would love to emulate:

S – Solutions
O – Ownership
A – Accountability
R – Responsibility

So SOAR in how you think, how you act and everything you do.

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