SUPERWOMEN…WE AIN’T – Season Two is now available.

The truth about starting a business, crafting a career, having a family and managing to fit it all in.

Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice and Gram Consulting Group founder Margie Hartley are both accomplished business women but superwomen they ain’t! Join them as they talk about the aspects of business you don’t find in books, but they wish they had known before starting out. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You can change and move forward at any point. You can reinvent yourself at any age and realise that a failed moment or mistake in business does not make your life long journey a mistake. Join Janine and Margie as they share their personal journeys, failures and successes and discuss tips on the challenges of being a business woman in the modern world.

Margie Hartley is a leading executive and career coach, working with 11 of the top 20 ASX listed companies. She has over 16,000 hours working with Australia’s leading business women and men. Janine Allis is the founder of juice and smoothie empire Boost Juice, a company which has turned over more than 3 billion dollars with 500 stores across 15 countries.


 Season 02 Episodes:


  1. Getting Your Message Right
    We all have a story to tell but some people are just better at telling their story. Why? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley explain why communication is the number one skill good leaders have in common and how to communicate in an engaging, inspiring and effective way.


  1. The “Busyness” Trap
    Are we all really that ‘busy’? Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean we are being productive. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley talk about what busy means and explore some techniques that people can use to minimize their ‘busyness’ and maximise their ‘productivity’.


  1. Haters Gonna Hate
    The danger of caring about what others think of you. We all have a jealous friend, competitor, or even an employee who feels hard done by, Janine Allis and Margie Hartley talk about the dangers of caring what people think, how we might combat these issues in the workplace and what you can do to deal with toxic people in your life.


  1. To Plan or Not to Plan
    One-year, five-year and ten-year plans. Are they even possible in this ever changing and fast paced world? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss whether failing to plan is really a plan to fail or whether you should just wing it or plan effectively on a smaller scale.


  1. What Goes Up Must Come Down.
    Are careers linear? Life throws a lot at us and we have to be willing to pick ourselves up and carry on in the face of adversity. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss the realities of business and careers and the importance of having a mindset of persistence and resilience.


  1. How to Stay Motivated
    How do people stay motivated? *Spoiler*, no-one can stay motivated 100% of the time. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley debate the source of motivation, what to do when it drops off and how to retrain your brain to get your motivation back.


  1. How to Grow your Business
    Why do you want to grow your business? If you want to succeed, it’s a question that you need to be ask yourself. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss how to grow your business and how to know when you’ve made it to the top (if the top even exists in the first place).


  1. Connecting to Your Customer
    Are all big businesses “Customer led”? A lot of them claim to be, but Janine Allis and Margie Hartley look at exactly what that term means, if companies really do focus on the customer first and how to interact with your customers better.


  1. What do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
    Whose life are you really living? And why are you doing what you do? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley talk about whose expectations we need to meet, what a plan b looks like and how do you restart if you do change careers.


  1. No Point Making Money if You’re Dead
    If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. In this episode Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss when they’ve allowed their health to suffer by focusing too much on their business, how to monitor yourself for burnout, and what to do if stress is ruining your happiness.


Season 01 Episodes:


  1. The Real Story
    Can you have it all? How do some women manage to have it all; a loving family, life balance and a successful business? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley debunk the superwoman myth, share the personal events and challenges which shaped their successes and reveal the often-unspoken truth about being business women in the modern world. It’s not a ten-point plan.


  1. Starting Out: Jumping Off the Entrepreneurial Cliff
    Business building blocks. The most important and challenging aspects of starting a business are People, Planning and Courage but often we just don’t know what we don’t know. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley talk about what it means to ‘marry well’, train for a positive attitude and how to plan for success.


  1. Getting it Wrong, May Actually Be RightAfraid of getting it wrong? You are going to make mistakes, and that’s ok. Revealing mistakes and failures in all their glory Janine Allis and Margie Hartley explore how trial and error, test and learn, fear and determination are essential for your success.


  1. Your Greatest Asset Is YOU 
    Reputation is key. One thing we know is that our reputation will always enter the room well before we do, and many doors will open and close due to your reputation. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss perception and reality, what it means to have integrity and how to protect your most valuable asset, you.


  1. Life Balance: A Myth?
    We want it all, our own house, flexibly with work, time with friends, nice holidays, good schools for our kids and the latest smartphone. Can we actually have all this and attain the elusive Life Balance? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley discuss the common struggles of starting a business and how they struggled to create life balance on their own journey.


  1. Innovate or You’re Screwed
    What is stopping us? Never before has business needed to pivot with such rapid speed. You’re being told be agile, innovative and disruptive and if you are not doing all these things you are apparently in trouble. But what do these buzz words actually mean? Laws and legislation cannot keep up with the rate of innovation, industry is struggling, and we are stressing about what changes business needs to make to ensure relevance. Explore with Janine Allis and Margie Hartley who got it wrong, who got it right and what is stopping us from embracing innovation.


  1. The Smartest Thing You Can Do
    Not knowing is an art. You cannot know everything. Once you embrace this fact then true learning begins. Janine Allis talks with Margie Hartley about being a woman in her thirties, with no formal business education and how the importance of a curious mind was key to her success.


  1. Leadership: Getting the Extraordinary Out of The Ordinary
    Leaders and teams. The role of a leader is to inspire extraordinary performances from ordinary people but it’s not always easy nor does it always come naturally. Janine Allis and Margie Hartley share insights on the role of high clarity and high energy, avoiding the need to be liked, being decisive, finding your natural style and insights on how to form high preforming teams.


  1. Culture ….and We Don’t Mean Yoghurt
    What is culture? Vision and values, are they a crock? Culture is a word people throw around, businesses pay hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create it and if we provide massages, birthdays off, a pet in office policy will this do the trick? Janine Allis and Margie Hartley dissect the contribution a clear vision, clearly communicated to your staff has on your culture and the impact of conflicting personalities.


  1. A Message: Bonus Ep
    Back yourself. Enjoy the journey. Stop and celebrate your successes. Surround yourself with great people. Learn to problem solve. Be kind to yourself and good luck.