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Healthy eating is simple common sense

You may have seen some dramatic and scary media coverage about sugar in juices recently. It’s hard enough for people to make good choices with their food without media stories scaring them away from one of the truly healthy and nutrition-rich products in the market.

Being healthy should be easy and tasty
Here at Boost, we are on a mission to make being healthier easier. Look around us. We are a nation that is gaining weight right in front of our eyes. But it’s not just that we’re getting fatter; to top it off we are also getting unhealthy because of what we are choosing to eat – which is mostly empty calories or simply not real food. This includes things like fizzy drinks and lollies. At Boost we believe that eating healthy shouldn’t mean eating food that tastes like cardboard; it’s about healthy tasting great.

It’s all about choice
We also believe in choice because not everyone is the same. Everybody requires different nutrition depending on what they do in their lives, their age and their exercise output. My 16-year-old son who works out five times a week requires a higher energy diet to simply keep up with his lifestyle. A person who does not exercise, drives to work and has a less active lifestyle requires fewer calories. But whatever your needs, we believe that whatever calories you do eat must be nutritious and at Boost, every product we make is full of nutrition.

So if you want to start your day the right way you may choose a Brekkie to Gogo, which is specifically designed for the most important meal of the day. We have options like protein smoothies for fitness enthusiasts, refreshing juices for any time of the day, green smoothies for those who are after high nutrition with low calories, as well as delicious favourites for when you want to enjoy great taste. Whatever you’re drinking, you know you’re getting a drink that’s full of goodness.

Sweetness by Mother Nature
If you’ve ever eaten a delicious, ripe piece of fruit, you’ll know how juicy and sweet it is. That sweetness comes from sugar. But we didn’t put it there; Mother Nature did. It’s natural and the body recognises it and uses it for our body and brain to function. Thank goodness for the sugar in juices!

Food that’s close to nature
I want all Australians to start to eat better, feel good and look great but most importantly, to start consuming real food. Think about it; look at the back of a packet of food you are going to eat. If most of the ingredients are words you cannot understand and lots of numbers and letters, it is simply not real food. I follow Dr John Tickell’s theory on the Low HI diet. Simply put, I eat – and at Boost we create – products that are simply LOW HI: LOW HUMAN INTERVENTION. You will never have a weight problem if you live this philosophy.

Boost is about choice, but choose Boost knowing that we do all the hard work to ensure our product is as healthy as it can be.

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